Bully for You
English Bulldog Rescue & Sanctuary
*specializing in seniors and special needs*
This site is dedicated to Bella, my first bully, who made me want to become a more knowledgeable and responsible pet owner; and Spike, my first rescue, who opened my eyes to the world of abuse and neglect that touches even the most loving of breeds.
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Bully for You
Adoption Application


Before you can be considered for adoption, you must complete this application in its entirety. Applicants must reside within a two hour radius of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area so that we can do in-person home visits and follow ups.

To learn more about our adoption process, please click here.

Full Name: Age: Smoker:
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Employer (If unemployed, please provide spouse's information)
City: State: Zip:
Work Phone: Hours Worked:
Residents of Your Home (Check here  if you live alone )
  Name: Age: Smoker?
Home Conditions
Type of Home: (choose one that best describes your home)
Rent or Own?
Landlord Name: (if applicable)
Landlord Phone: (if applicable)
Fenced in Yard? Type: (if applicable)
Open Water? Type: (if applicable)
Stairs? Type: (if applicable)
Air Conditioning? Type: (if applicable)
Pets Currently in Home (Check here if you've never owned a pet )
If you've owned pets but currently do not have any living with you, please provide
additional information in the comments field at the bottom of this form.
  Name: Breed: Sex: Fixed: Age:
What brand of pet food do you feed?
Do you have alternate caregivers/pet sitters?
Veterinarian (Check here if you've never been to a vet )
Vet Name:
City: State: Zip:
Additional information
Interested In: (please type only one rescue's name here)
Briefly explain why you are interested in adopting a bulldog:
Bulldog Experience? If Yes, Please Explain:
Training Techniques Used or Plan to Use?
Additional Comments and/or Questions?
How did you hear about us?
All fields must be completed to be considered. Information will be kept confidential. &